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Stephanie Winter & Salon Hybrid




4 - 6 July 2014, Former juvenile court, Vienna,

I AND MY SUM - PARAPRAXIS III transformed a vacant prison in Vienna into a walkable memory. In a multifaceted perspective this machinery of remembrance, which was only set in motion with the help of the audience, addressed questions around identity, society, surveillance, punishement, guilt and forgiveness. In its historical reality the former juvenile prison functioned both as documentary environment and setting for a sensuous and walkable memory. In different narrative, aesthetic and emotional zones, the audience was callenged to overcome its role of passive spectator. Guided by subtle rules, hints and decision points, the visitors as protagonists embarked on a journey through this inner landscape. The narrative particles were (literally) processed haptically and visually by means of a black agar-agar-brick, which the visitors received upon entering the PARAPRAXIS. In the course of the performative walk through the PARAPRAXIS, the brick was transformed in each scene - not only in its function as tactile object that was being cut and gradually took on the form of a black diamond but also on the narrative level into an abstract problem, object of desire, weapon, piece of evidence, tumour or one's own burden. 



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