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Stephanie Winter & Salon Hybrid

(in production)

The dark river tears thoughts from your brain – before you surface it suckles on your memories, downloads them leaving only a chaos of fragments behind. A charred place. Black distorted beams show only a vague schematic of a reality that was once yours… you wander around on the search for something alive. Here they come. One after another into your life – into your dreams, born from the shadow of your consciousness. With them you spend the happiest most blissful hours. You stroll, flirt like a young girl, your tired legs – they dance.

Attendance. You open up an album on the family table. You tell your, our story with alert eyes. We laugh. Your glance leaves us, wanders off afar. You struggle with your demeanor. Nobody‘s going to believe you – but right now when everybody‘s present he comes to torture you. He sits under the table. Pin after pin he sticks under your toenails. An excruciating pain. During the night somebody else annoys you. The Aquarius. Wet, glistening, almost transparent he pushes himself closely to your side. The next morning your moist bedsheet is the only witness of his visit. You ask yourself how you came to deserve all this after a life full of work, you seek redemption. (You comfort yourself. You sing a song)

A birdman will come to save you. He will come in a beige grey jacket, his light blue eyes recognize you, love you, slightly levitating above the ground – he takes you in his arms. You both are about to fly away, it will be beautiful.

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