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2 min, Stephanie Winter & Salon Hybrid

Austria 2016

The short film ‘’OHH ! - eine Ode an die Mülltrennung'', directed by Stephanie Winter, was developped in cooperation with the Vienna Shorts Agentur. With subtility and humor, the director sensibilizes the viewer to sorting the wastes. The colorfull bins come to life at the sorting center MA 48 in Vienna. They move, they shift, they dance to what looks like a tactfull ballet, with the rythmical music composed by Allen Alexis. Stephanie Winter shifts the point of view : ‘’I’m interessted in the sorting from the perspective of the bins.’’. Isn’t it easy to satiate the bin’s hunger ? Just make sure to throw your waste in the right one !

Director: Stephanie Winter

Music: Allen Alexis

Production: Salon Hybrid

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