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Stephanie Winter & Salon Hybrid


1 - 8 June 2013, rehearsal stage Brut Vienna

In June of 2013, the rehearsal stage of the Brut Theater in Vienna was transformed into the PARAPRAXIS. In daily changing sets a filmic picture was assembled together with the audience. Setting is the mind of the mind of the protagonist Stacey Andrejewa. Her thoughts respectively her memory are translated into spatial and scenic arrangements featuring different aesthetic and narrative codes that shift between research centre, operation room, control centre, psychiatry or the beyond. The visitors, dressed in clinical white coats, handed over their image rights to the PARAPRAXIS. in a constantly changing, self-regulating environment, the visitor actively participated in the events, to ultimately meet oneself again and again in new constellations and situations. In small encounters as well as big pictures the roles between visitors and performers, scientists and patients kept changing. With each visitor new material and information infiltrated the system by which the narrative as well as conceptual potential of the simulacrum was expanded on countless levels.

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