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Project room Kollektiv Rauschen

Stephanie Winter & Kollektiv Rauschen


An operational performance with the surgeons Gerhard Gleich & Alfons Stummer

With the invitation for an exhibition in the project room of the Kollektiv Rauschen the opportunity arose to realise a first one evening experiment of the setting PARAPRAXIS. A white curtain was drawn through the room and created a medicinal-labyrinthine setting, which for one evening transformed the location into the PARAPRAXIS. In its centre the performative operation took place: The two surgeons Gerhard Gleich and Alfons Stummer dissected a black gelatine cube - a manifestation of the collective memory. Each cut into the cube hab an effect on their conversation as well as on the soundtrack of the operation, which was adjusted live by the four assistant doctors, the Kollektiv Rauschen. The audience, which was dressed in white coats and filmed by five cameras from different perspectives just like the performers, was invited to attend and assist in the operation.

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