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SALON HYBRID is an office for performative and experimental matters, founded by the artist and director Stephanie Winter with the aim of realising transdisciplinary projects in the fields of performance, theater and the visual arts.

SALON HYBRID stages performative installations and scenic parcours in vacant buildings and public places. With a humorous approach its projects interweave scientific facts and fictitious narratives. In its site-specific productions SALON HYBRID creates immersive environments which are set in motion with the entry of the audience. 

SALON HYBRID works with a large pool of (amateur) actors who transform the fictive environment together with the audience. Within these staged settings, agency is transferred to the actors and the participants who expand the scope of the parallel world through their actions and reactions. 

SALON HYBRID consists of Stephanie Winter and Flora Schausberger, surrounded by a flexible layer of coworkers and performers, depending on the respective projects

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