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Stephanie Winter & Salon Hybrid


In TOUR DE NOMBRIL, an interdisciplinary and performative bus tour, the audience slipped into the role of international experts and embarked on a multi-layered process of reflection around the city of Vienna. Based on the fiction that Vienna had discovered the "navel of the world", the new performance piece by Stephanie Winter & SALON HYBRID interwove a humorous approach with theoretical and scientific aspects. The bus tour across Vienna took the newly appointed experts from the Virgilkapelle on Stephansplatz via various stations to a fictional excavation site in the town of Aspern on the periphery of Vienna.


In spring 2017, an outstanding discovery was made during construction works in the town of Aspern. Important scientists agreed: it is a piece of the navel of the world that has long been suspected to be located under the city of Vienna. An international team of experts was invited to undertake a status evaluation Vienna in fall 2017 in order to test the authenticity of this find, guided by the TOUR DE NOMBRIL. Even early sources point to the existence of the navel of the world under Vienna. The TOUR DE NOMBRIL started with a historical artifact in the Virgilkapelle on Stephansplatz and led the participants through various stations such as the BEV - Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying and the Institute for Spiritual and Renewable Energies to the excavation site  of the navel of the world in the town of Aspern. 


The navel of the world consists of an intelligent matter that is thought to be some kind of primal matter, a materia prima that may be able to solve our energy problems and more. A wide variety of scientific and spiritual authorities claim access to "their" navel. Excluded from the public, an international competition around the navel of the world and its matter has begun. The city of Vienna, Austria and the international community face equally elementary and contradictory questions...

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Funded by:

KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Otto Mauer Fonds


Supported by: 

Wien Museum

Dr. Richard

Aspern 3420

BEV – Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen

1000 Blumen


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